Quality assurance and control revolves around the philosophy of the business and the attitude and interest of the whole workforce. This hub of our business is maintained through a policy of total awareness, communication and continuous training backed by the most appropriate investments in equipment and management software.

Due to the requirements of our customers we are able to comply with stringent approval systems.  With our investment in latest software and management systems we automatically record and store SPC and production data to meet full traceability requirements.

Installed within the machine shop area is a clean room for specialist assembly that is free of contamination and fitted with enhanced lighting to ensure total consistency of any assembly task.

To view Rodmatic’s ISO 9000: 2015 certificate, click here: Q 09550 Jul 2018 – Jul 2021

BS EN ISO 9001:2008


Rodmatic’s machining operations and facilities are subject to laws and regulations that govern the discharge of pollutants and hazardous substances into air, the ground and water.  We are fully aware and co-operate with the handling, storage and disposal of such materials as well as other environmental and health and safety issues.  Within the company  we have an established energy saving team empowered to conserve energy, water and any other natural resources.


Rodmatic Ltd’s aims to be a world-class supplier of precision-machined parts, and to achieve success through a shared commitment to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through teamwork, continuous improvement, and innovation.

To achieve our aims, it is essential that we focus on quality in everything we do throughout our organisation.

This is achieved by producing quality products which conform to contractual specifications and to standards demanded by our customers.

The Company recognises the need to minimise rejects and maintain a low scrap level in order to remain an efficient profitable Company.

In order to achieve this objective, it is the policy of the Company to establish and maintain a planned, effective quality assurance system through a policy of continuous improvement.

Both in terms of the development of employee capability, equipment and techniques to assure performance improvements through regular management review. The quality assurance system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

This manual describes how the quality assurance system functions, to ensure that all requirements relating to quality are recognised and that consistent and uniform control of these requirements is adequately maintained.

The nature of quality assurance makes it impossible for this manual to be fully comprehensive and the Company publishes it in the knowledge that the quality of its products and its reputation depends on the actions of its employees.

The contents of this policy statement and its purpose will be made known to all employees whose actions can affect quality.

Brian Steatham

Chairman / Managing Director

Martin Wilson

General / Finance & Purchasing Manager

Colin Bonney

Quality Manager



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