Rodmatic Limited has progressively developed over some 46 years of close participation with its customers a volume machining operation to meet the demands of commercial part supply based on multi-spindle automatic lathes.  This operation is fully integrated on the same site in Reading with high technology CNC turning and CNC turn-milling operations providing high orders of flexibility consistent accuracy and short lead times for batch production.

7-axis Star SR20 CNC sliding head lathe

Through constant investment to suit customer requirements, Rodmatic has created the ability to respond to changing demands ie. product life cycles with ramp-up, ramp-down and spare part supply of high quality, multi-feature component production.

Wire EDM provides toolmaking and production services

By providing an across-the-board production service to our CNC and volume production from raw material, heat treatment, grinding, surface finishing and assembly services are offered to customers giving the opportunity to reduce their supplier base and benefit from our ‘direct to line’ delivery capability backed by full traceability.

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