About Rodmatic

Our mission statement

At Rodmatic Ltd, our aims are simple: to provide our customers with the most cost-effective manufacturing solution and to continually strive to exceed their expectations in relation to quality, delivery, and service. It is our goal to be perceived by our customers not only as a supplier, but as a true manufacturing partner.

To achieve these aims, we promote a cultural dictum that provides an environment where improvement and innovation are our lead and where change is not perceived as a challenge, but as an opportunity for improvement.

At Rodmatic, we have more than half a century’s experience of working with machining technology to serve the fluid power, medical, specialist automotive and other sectors. A lot has changed in engineering in the 50 years that Rodmatic has been in business. Our ability to adapt to those developments has been the main factor in our continued success. 

Traditional values

Despite countless developments in engineering and business, we’re still guided by the same philosophy and values we had when we started out. But with new technology comes new ways of doing things – bringing in fresh expectations and demands from OEM innovators. It is very much part of our commitment to our customers to be prepared for these.  Because our organisational culture mirrors that of our customers, they can be assured that they’ll receive a level of service designed specifically for their needs. While we’re always reliable and consistent, we are constantly innovating and seeking new ways to make our services and processes even better.

Ethical stance

We work hard to maintain an ethical stance in every aspect of our business.  This applies to our customers, our employees and our local, national, and global communities. As well as thinking globally, we’re also looking at ways to enhance our local impact, for example by offering engineering apprenticeship opportunities.  

Whether it is through skills, technology or capacity, our core goal remains the same as it’s always been: to provide an exceptional standard of service to our customers to enable them to respond to the business opportunities of today and tomorrow.

For more information or for a quote, please contact Rodmatic on 01189 596969.