Rodmatic Multico:

High quantity, high quality production 

At Rodmatic Multico, our advanced skills and in-depth knowledge of production techniques provide exceptional flexibility, for example in terms of Kanban supply and just-in-time manufacturing. This proven ability is supported by our in-house stockholding and on demand capability to supply customer production lines, as well as our supply of kit marshalled parts ready for assembly – all suitably boxed and labelled. 

A viable UK source of volume production

While much of the UK’s high quantity production has been driven overseas, Rodmatic Multico has been able to challenge this trend by providing security of supply to guarantee quality standards, removing the risk factor associated with many overseas suppliers. 

Able to react quickly to ever-changing production demand, we can deliver on time through state-of-the-art production process control. We support full traceability requirements with the backing of SPC techniques fully integrated into the production process.

We are proud that this has earned us the loyalty of a diverse customer base.

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Rodmatic Multico Capacity:

  • 39 off Multi-spindle Automatic Lathes
  • 9 off 1″ diameter capacity
  • 22 off 1.3/4″ diameter capacity
  • 6 off 2.1/4″ diameter capacity
  • 2 off 3.1/4″ diameter capacity

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