Rodmatic Hytek:

Dedicated automatic production for small and medium batchwork

At Rodmatic Hytek, we invest in the latest production technology to eliminate the complex and costly methods usually involved with working across separate operations. Our goal is to provide first class machining cycles in a single operation so that you benefit from:

  • Faster response times from order to delivery
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced tooling charges
  • Lower rejects from handling and multiple locations.

Wide-ranging capability

Our capacity ranges from small, often intricate components, prototype, pre-production and assemblies from batch sizes of just 25 to highly complex parts of up to 64mm diameter or by up to 250mm long. Whatever the size or scale of the part, it is always supported in single operation strategies and a technology-led service. We can produce parts in materials as diverse as plastics, mild steel, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, alloy steels and titanium. 

Greater value

As well as our significant capacity to supply machined components, we can create pre-production runs. That’s why we work closely with our customers to develop optimal machining strategies by exploiting new technologies, from solid model design software to machine tool programming to the use of CNC measuring equipment.

Design for production

The depth of our in-house expertise means that we can provide consultancy services for design for production, as well as advising on where savings can be made or product performance enhanced. This is due to our investment in the latest multi-axis machining technology and considerable CADCAM resource.

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Rodmatic Hytek Capacity:

  • 1 off Doosan Daewoo Lynx 220LC 3-axis CNC Lathe
  • 1 off Star SV32 9-axis CNC Sliding Head Auto Lathe
  • 1 off Star ST20R111 7-axis CNC Sliding Head Auto Lathe
  • 1 off Star SR32J 7-axis CNC Sliding Head Auto Lathe
  • 3 off Dugard Eagle 32 5-axis Sliding Headstock CNC Lathe
  • CAD to CAM with EdgeCAM part modeller and Solid Machinist,
  • Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM

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