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Rodmatic combines green initiatives with greater productivity – Rodmatic Ltd

Rodmatic combines green initiatives with greater productivity

By 31/05/2019 Rodmatic Ltd News

Rodmatic is investing a significant amount of time, effort and money into improving its factory environment and its impact on the planet. Its recent initiatives include:

  • Installing a £30,000 standalone air filter in one unit to significantly reduce the oil mist emitted in the factory
  • Fitting Filtermist units to every machine in a second unit
  • Changing the way oil is fed into machines by using a customised Freddy Bowser fully sealed unit, eliminating the use of open oil bins and reducing oil waste.

The company is also working hard to achieve ISO 14001 and aims to achieve it in quarter three of this year.

Brian Steatham, Chairman of Rodmatic, explains:

“We are not only doing taking these steps because we want to improve the environment in which we produce our components but also because we’re acting for the wider environment. At Rodmatic, we think that working to reduce our impact on the planet goes hand in hand help with enhancing efficiency and productivity.”

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