Meet our new apprentices!

By 18/11/2016 Rodmatic Ltd News

We are delighted to welcome two new apprentices to the Rodmatic team! As part of our commitment to developing our workforce for the future, we’re working in partnership with Reading College to recruit the right people for a number of exciting apprenticeships.

Sonny Church, Apprenticeship in Maintenance Engineering

“Rodmatic stood out for me because they invest a lot in the business. They’re a company that always likes to improve on the way they work – which is what I try to do! I felt right at home at Rodmatic from my first day. Everyone here is so friendly and they all seemed to know who I was. I don’t think my first day could have gone any better! Overall, I’ve found it really interesting to get to understand how the machines work. I would say that what I’ve enjoyed most so far is the people! I’m really grateful to Rodmatic for this opportunity. By the end of my three-year apprenticeship, I hope to be in a full-time role at Rodmatic.”

Lucy Vass, Apprenticeship in Quality

“At school we had been doing woodwork and working with resistant materials. So when I heard about the Apprenticeship at Rodmatic, I thought I’d like to try something related to that. I applied originally for an Apprenticeship in Machine Setting, but when I was introduced to Quality, I really liked the sound of it so I chose that instead! I’ve found everyone at Rodmatic really, really nice. I have had intensive training and have learned a lot already.  My role is based around key daily activities which include subcontracting, setting up gauges, calibration, gauge calibration and more. I’m learning new things every day! I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and working towards a job as well as passing my college course.”

We’ll keep you updated on our apprentices and their progress!